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Silent, Stylish, Space Saving, Energy Efficient and Cost Saving Air Conditioning for Cooling and Heating

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Silent and Draught Free and Stylish

Silentair conditioning systems are intelligently designed to be practical, aesthetically superior, and to look stylish when on show.

Silentair's Serenity system has been independently tested by Salford Uiversity. The sound tests show that Serenity operates at NR15 or below, even at maximum fan speed.

Silentair systems do not use attenuators or over-sized ducting.

Silentair systems are designed to be draught free for maximum user comfort.

Energy and Cost Saving

Silentair systems use energy-efficient heat pumps for cooling and heating applications. Overall operating costs are lower than traditional air conditioning with average COP (coefficient of performance) of 4:1.

Not only that but our customers generate more profit, as they can operate 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Flexible finance options available to suit you.

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